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Presence in the XR community


Community is perhaps the most important aspect of the XR/AR industry. It is also my favourite. People are open and collaboration can spring from anywhere. Sharing knowledge is a pillar of working in XR and is always very valuable.

As a Snap Lens Network Ambassador, I have hosted workshops for Snap AR sharing information regarding Custom Landmarkers and was invited to be a speaker at Lens Fest 2022.

In September 2022, I shared some insights on social AR with Reece Rogers, a tech journalist at Wired. This article is very well written and describes accurately the current state of augmented reality on social media.

wired arthur bouffard article.png

I went to AR House LA for a month in November 2021 and met some amazing XR creators and developers, and collaborated with many. Here is some of the work to come out of these collaborations. 

August 2022 Lensathon Submission - SURF-AR.

Personal London City Landmarker project featured during AWE USA 2022 during a talk from Snap Inc.

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