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Use case of Augmented Reality with Snapchat Spectacles



Concepting, prototypes, visual experiments

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AR R&D consists of working prototype applications that can be used with AR glasses, headsets, or smartphones. Experiences are made using Unity, Lens Studio, Effect House, Meta Spark, ARCore, ARKit, XCode, Blender and more.

Furniture Portal Physics

Apple Vision Pro Meshing

Google Geospatial API

Hand & Orb Particles

Quest 3 Snowball Throwing

City Scale Trees

Hand Lightning Bolts

City Scale Physics

Apple Vision Pro Hand Gestures

Hand Physics

Speed, Distance & Time fitness tracker for Spectacles

London Underground Tube Map

Sticky-note LiDAR experiment

AR Frame with Real-time Data

City Landmarker use-case Demo in London

Custom Landmark x Cartier x GoSpooky Prototype

Louis Vuitton Prototype Experience in Paris

Nike Prototype Shoe Box AR Try-On

Nike Custom Landmarker Stock

Bullet Dodge on Spectacles

Made for the AR House LA Hackathon

with @_xulipa

Become a Surf-AR Lens

Showcased in Snap Keynote

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