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AR Development and Research

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Industrial Augmented Reality is currently a very different field from social and marketing AR. Many enterprises are finding new ways to integrate AR solutions in their business, may it be to provide different services to their customers or facilitate the workload of their employees. 

As many Big Tech companies are making important investments and developments in their Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality devices, it is only a matter of time until accessible headsets will be available to the greater public, thus the importance of developing new software solutions.

For my Master thesis project at King's College London, I am working on the development of a Mixed Reality application that allows two people anywhere in the world to interact with each other, using a HoloLens 2 and a LiDAR equipped camera. Using holograms, each user is able to visualize the other in an avatar form, thus giving a more interactive conversation, and removing the need for long-distance travel. Using motion tracking software, it is possible to transmit 3D coordinates in real-time over Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G to display movements on the HoloLens device. 

Other productivity tools such as PDF readers, 3D models and video displays are utilized to further improve communications.

Project Demonstration

Final Paper

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